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Our organization believes in partnering to expand beyond our reach. If you're interested in a partnership, please contact our office to further discuss.

Working With the Best

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Community Collaborative Connections Between Entities

Robert Fulton Development Corporation works in conjunction with Friendly Temple Church and FT Holding. Provided is an informative dialogue to help you better understand the function of each entity.


The goal of this information is to show the purpose and identify the focus of each partnering organization. We also hope to reveal the interconnectivity between each organization while highlighting their interdependence.

Fists in Solidarity

Friendly Temple Church

Mission: Our church is to demonstrate the Gospel, with the goal of equipping disciples to minister to this world.  

Ministry/Programs: We are prepared to serve communities by connecting disciples with Robert Fulton Corporation as an outreach volunteer to serve families using a wholistic approach to services. 

Campus Sites: Multiples sites serving communities near and extended with Gospel including outreach to those in need.

Education: Existing partnerships with the goal of establishing Friendly schools for communities.

Staff Organization

  1. Executive Directors

  2. Senior Pastor 

  3. Executive Pastor 

  4. Youth Pastor and administrator 

  5. Executive Staff

  6. Administration

  7. Financial

  8. Human Resources 

  9. Facilities 

  10. Security 

  11. Ministry Leaders (70)

Robert Fulton Development Corp.

Mission: To provide assistance and direction within the assigned community to (parents, seniors and youth) in many forms such as  but not limited to, counseling services, strategies for mental wellness, substance, housing and more.  

  • Educational opportunities to disadvantaged youth in the form of remedial and tutorial programs for elementary, junior high, and senior high school students to help them achieve excellence in the classroom.

  • Service to senior citizens by providing assistance in locating housing, performing various home improvement task, and serving meals when the need arises.

  • Provide youth an outlet for wholesome recreation in the form of participation in various sports, i.e. basketball, volleyball, softball, and opportunities to learn various arts and crafts. 

  • Operation of a food pantry to provide a resource to serve the needs of the neighborhood to fight against hunger.

  • Hire staff and consultants necessary for the implementation of these purposes.

Staff Organization

  1. Board of Directors

  2. Executive Director

  3. Programs Manager

  4. Bookkeeper

  5. Exec Staff 

  6. Administration 

  7. Home Delivery Meals - Manager, Assistant, and Drivers

  8. Facilities Team

  9. Youth Director 

  10. Outreach Coordinator

  11. Volunteers Director

Programs and Services

  1. Arlington Grove housing project (Partner) - 120 units

  2. Friendly Village Senior Apartments (Owner) - 115 units

  3. Childcare Center, Independent Homes and Wellston Development Center and Learning Center

  4. Home Delivery Meals - 300 meals a week to seniors

  5. Outside these Walls - Grill to Glory, hygiene and related services

  6. Counseling Services 

  7. Summer Camp

  8. College Fair

  9. Drug and Alcohol

  10. Computer Literacy

  11. Food and Clothing

  12. Health Education 

  13. Mental Health Awareness 

  14. Adult Education Literacy Program (Partner)

  15. Alzheimer's Caregivers Support (Partner)

  16. Homework Assistance

  17. Little Red Schoolhouse - Legal Support

  18. Performing Arts Teams 

  19. Prison Outreach

  20. Athletics and Recreations 

  21. Financial Literacy 

FT Holding

Mission: This organization aligns with Robert Fulton & Friendly Temple to support the construction needs for housing and business spaces and will assist with identifying funding in support of community projects and people needing assistance.  


We also partner with banks especially our campus bank, Midwest BankCentre to providing funding resources for strong or marginal candidates for homeownership or business owners.

  1. Board of Directors

  2. Executive Leadership

  3. Administrative 

  4. Construction Leadership Team

  5. Financial Leadership

  6. Land Acquisition Team 

  7. Legal Services 


  1. Direct support for funding

  2. Assistance in qualifying for homes loans

  3. Acquisition of land for property and business development

  4. In-house construction team to build to suit

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Saint Louis, MO 63112

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