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Rev. Robert Fulton Davis, Sr.

Two Great Visionaries

One Mission Accomplished


In 1996 Robert Fulton Development, Inc. was created by Reverend Michael Jones in honor of his grandfather and founding Pastor of Friendly Temple M. B. Church, Reverend Robert Fulton Davis. 


Reverend Davis had a special place in his heart for children and the elderly.  He understood the need to nurture and meet their needs.  It was his spirit which led the church in the effort toward community development. Under his leadership, the church built the first senior housing duplex.  Reverend Davis allowed tenants to live in the duplex free of charge and in 2003, the duplex was eventually replaced in honor of the Friendly Village Apartments.


Pastor Jones further championed the cause by providing services to an under-served community through Robert Fulton Development, Inc.  The organization was designed to invest in the North St. Louis community and provide developmental programs to      enrich the lives of residents as well as promote stable communities which will result in self-sufficiency, empowerment and growth. 


Robert Fulton Development, Inc. helps strengthen and develops the community by working with corporate donors and volunteers to offer information, education, resources, and assistance for those who have a need. 


Today Robert Fulton operates as the outreach wing of Friendly Temple.  Throughout the years, many programs have birthed from the organization and they continue to impact the lives of community residents.


Rev. Michael Jones

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